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Credit Rating Can Be a Tricky Part of Buying.

Our Rescore Express program can help. At Universal Lending DTC, we’ve re-scored thousands of buyers whose credit scores have been negatively affected by inaccurate or outdated postings. Our Rescore Express program will correct incorrect information at the bureau level.

With the proper documentation, the correct information will be sent to the bureaus. The bureaus will verify the document and update the account. The update will take about 3 business days after being submitted to the bureaus. (vs. the 2-3 months it usually takes) if the borrower disputes the information themselves.

With the improved score resulting from our Rescore Express program, we are often able to approve buyers that other lenders deny.


Building and Creating Relationships

Some borrowers do have credit issues that are beyond the envelope of our ReScore Express program. For these borrowers, we’ve developed a long term program that guides the client through the process and provides specific steps necessary to improve their credit eventually resulting in a home purchase. Throughout the journey, our team stays in close contact with the client to ensure that once the client has met the credit requirement goals, we are able to return the client to the Realtor from which the original referral was obtained.

We understand better than most, the importance of credit for home lending. If there are issues, we’re prepared to help!

We’re Here to Help.

Our team has developed a step by step credit repair system that can help credit challenged borrowers to restore their credit and to bring it to sufficient levels to qualify for home financing. We even offer rapid re-scores which is a wonderful program in that we analyze the credit report, make suggestions as to which accounts need to be paid down or off, and then we contact the 3 credit bureaus and update the credit scores… all in about a weeks time! No more waiting months for the new balance or paid collection to show up on the credit report.

We are there every step of the way to help borrowers realize the dream of home ownership. Whether the credit repair takes days, weeks or months, we can help! Call us today. 720-465-7040 We’re ready to help get you into the home as soon as possible.