Home Buyer Seminars

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Community Education. Home Buying Seminars by U-DTC.

Any time we can help, we do! We love helping to educate our buyers on the different options that are available to them with home financing. Knowing this is the largest purchase that they will make in their lifetime, it is very important that they understand the implications of the financing option they choose.

We are always welcoming joint efforts with our Realtor partners to offer home buyer education courses. Our dedication to assisting home buyers in making the best decision for their future is one of our goals.

Are you interested in offering this program to your clients? Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to schedule a seminar with you!

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Home Buyer Seminars

Bringing Value of Education to Inform Buyer Marketplace


Our buyer seminars are taught by our team leaders at Universal Lending DTC. With over 15 years experience, Ashley Hickmon has become a leader in Colorado for both Realtor continuing education courses and conducting valuable seminars in consumer mortgage lending.

Attendees can expect to walk away with a powerful knowledge base in not only the loan process, but the overall buying process from Realtor to closing. Understanding the ins and out of lending practices can help your client along in the process. We make sure this happens.

Home Buyer Seminars

Conveniently Located

We are not bound geographically and can conduct our buyer seminars in most areas of Colorado. Give us a call to partner or team with you and/or your office for this empowering piece of education. Call and schedule today! 720-465-7040