The House$mart Program

House$mart is a benefit provided by Universal Lending Corporation, through local employers, that offers educational seminars, mortgage loan choices, and expert lending and realtor services when consumers buy, sell, or refinance a house.

Participating House$mart Realtors and Universal Lending Loan Officers join resources to offer their services and educational seminars to local businesses as an employee benefit through the House$mart Program.

As a participating House$mart Realtor, you will have the ability to offer your services to thousands of Denver area employees.

The House Smart Program

Partnering to Better the Community Reach.

As a House$mart Realtor, you and your Universal Lending House$mart Loan Officer will approach local businesses to encourage participation in the House$mart program. Once a company has joined the House$mart program, your House$mart Coordinator will work with the organization to plan the onsite program sessions. Once the seminars are planned, your House$mart Coordinator will work with the business contact to market the program to their employees. This can include postcard mailings, email marketing campaigns, intranet marketing, fliers displayed in break and lunch rooms, and payroll stuffers. You and your House$mart Loan Officer will present the Powerpoint presentations to the employees on the scheduled dates. Universal Lending will supply the marketing materials and the continental breakfast, box lunch or light dinners for each seminar.

House$mart Seminar Topics

We have developed a wide assortment of seminars that can be used to educate employees and encourage home ownership.

Some of our topics include:

  • Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • Essentials for First Time Home Buyers
  • When Should i consider a Refinance
  • The Importance of Credit and FICO Scores
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Identity Theft


The House Smart Program