Nepal Rising Colorado

logoUniversal Lending is working in partnership with Nepal-Rising Colorado to raise $80,000 to rebuild a school destroyed in the village of SIndhupalchowk, Nepal. We recently sponsored To Nepal with Love, a 5k Run/Wallk. Here is a short video of the day. Colorado Team is a volunteer initiative (Colorado For Nepal Relief) teaming up with Nepal Rising to support earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts in Nepal. Colorado For Nepal Relief (CFNR) is a coalition of enthusiastic volunteers from across the State of Colorado committed to raising awareness and funds to help Nepal rebuild in the wake of the devastating earthquakes. Joined by social groups, community organizations, and local businesses, we are working diligently with partners in Nepal (including Help Nepal Network) to identify the hardest-hit areas of the country and ways to support the most vulnerable victims. Few countries have experienced disaster on such a grand scale. Rebuilding will take time, money, and the concerted efforts of millions of people worldwide. For our part, 100% of the proceeds generated by CFNR will be used directly for projects such as * Building schools * Low cost housing for families who have lost their homes * Wells and taps for sustainable drinking water * Public sanitation projects * Providing basic skill based education and training If you want to make a difference and see tangible impact of your donations, please join us in this important humanitarian mission. Your contribution has the power to change lives forever. With the assistance of our Nepalrising family, we will provide financial transparency for the donations received. Our Nepalrising and Facebook pages will be regularly updated with progress.