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All classes are $5 per CE Credit per person.
For example a 2CE class will cost $10 per person.

FHA and Down Payment Assistance

(2CE Credit)

This is a very informative class covering FHA loans, the different down payment options available today, how to buy with as little as $1000 out of pocket, the HUD home buying process and how to qualify for down payment assistance. This is a VERY popular class.

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program

(2CE Credit)

This class explains how teachers, law enforcements officers, EMT’s and Firemen and Women can purchase specific properties at a 50% discount. This is a great class, but there has not been a lot of inventory as of late and therefore I would suggest offering this class again when the inventory is increased.

The HUD Home Buying Process

(1CE Credit)

This class covers the NEW HUD home buying process from start to finish, how to submit the bids, how to make the bid competitive, how to pair this with down payment assistance, repair escrows, and the closing of the HUD home. In an effort to deliver the most up to date information I have re-vamped this class to include the up to date changes with HUD.

FHA 203k Rehab Loan

(2CE Credit)

This is a great class covering how to use an FHA 203k loan and make a worn out house new again. I will cover the use of the program, qualifying for the program, finding properties that would qualify for the 203k loan, the types of projects that are allowed when using the 203k loan and how to market the program to both buyers and sellers. This is a very popular class with the number of properties that are sitting on the market that are in need of repair and rehab

Working with the Veteran Homebuyer

(2CE Credit)

This class covers the VA Home Buying process, how to qualify for a VA loan, their policies with regards to Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, and the appraisal process including property requirements when it comes to VA financing.

Understanding FHA and the HUD Home Buying Process

(2CE Credit)

With all of the recent guideline changes, this is a great class and attendees are sure to learn a lot. I cover down payment requirements, new Mortgage Insurance requirements, how to qualify for an FHA loan, and how FHA compares to Conventional financing. I will also cover property requirements and how to use an FHA loan to finance properties that may need work (such as many HUD properties) and are believed to be unable to pass the FHA appraisal. Many people are having to use FHA financing due to a previous Bankruptcy or Foreclosure so there is no escaping the need for this program!

USDA Home Loans

(2CE Credit)

This class involves a careful examination of the USDA Loan Program. Emphasis is on the benefits and drawbacks of USDA financing, the properties and areas that qualify for USDA financing, the approval guidelines and the Guarantee Fee charged by USDA rather than mortgage insurance.

Understanding Credit Reporting and Scores

(1CE Credit)

We will spend time discussing what makes up a credit score, what can affect your score and how can to read your credit report. We will also cover the benefits and drawbacks of opening new credit cards and benefits to keeping old ones open. Basically, this class will leave you with a good idea of how to maintain a high credit score and hopefully how to encourage borrowers to build their credit, especially when trying to purchase or refinance a home.

HomeStyle Renovation

(2CE Credit)

We will spend time going over a cost effective way to renovate or improve a home. This class involves a careful examination of a cost effective way to renovate of improve a home. Emphasis is on how this program can work for borrowers looking to purchase or refinance. Borrowers will have a single loan with all cost to acquire and renovate a home included in the loan amount. We will cover benefits to this type of loan vs. the FHA 203K rehab loan as well.

CHFA Grant

(2CE Credits)

This class involves a careful examination of the CHFA Grant that became effective 2-2-15. It will discuss that borrowers can own one other property as long as they are Government loans and the borrowers may have only 1 CHFA 1st Mortgage. Grossing up non-taxable income optional. Acreage, Condos, docs, second kitchens okay, cash back to borrowers and hazard insurance deductible and extended replacements costs.

Conventional Financing

(2CE Credit)

This class is aimed at giving you a new perspective on conventional lending and who it does and does not serve, what types of properties it can be used to finance, underwriting guidelines etc. We will discuss, in detail, all aspects of this loan type, including some of the new ways to obtain a conventional loan with as little as 3% down and no mortgage insurance.

Renovation Financing

(2CE Credits)

This class educates the audience on a cost effective way to renovate or improve a home. Emphasis is on how both the HomeStyle and the 203k loans work and on what the benefits are to each of these programs.

The FNMA Homeready Program

(2CE Credit)

This class involves a careful examination the diverse needs of today’s buyers and how HomeReady can work for them. Emphasis is on how this program works. You will have a low down payment, flexible sources of funds, conventional home financing with cancellable monthly MI.